What Happens When I Train Like a Track Sprinter?

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See What Happens When I Train Like a Track Sprinter

In my previous post, I described how a track sprinter trains and explained why I could never be a track sprinter.  Basically, I just like riding my bike too much to train like they do.

But in the name of science and for the sake of all my readers, I am going to incorporate some of the ways track sprinters train into my training for the next two months and see what happens.  And I will be providing regular updates so you can see how I am progressing.

How successful this program is will be measured based on two criteria:

  1. how much my sprinter power improves
  2. how much the weights I am using in the gym increase
  3. Bonus: weight/fat loss

Before getting started, I will perform a couple baseline tests.  I will weight myself and measure my body fat percentage so I can track how that changes during this training block.  And I will perform a series of sprints (on a trainer) to set a starting PR for 5 second and 10 second power in order to have something to compare with.  And maybe some before and after pics.

In the gym, my training will be the same as what I described in my post on “How to be a Track Sprinter.”  3 gym sessions a week focused around 3 leg exercises: 2 for strength and 1 for power.  The first exercise will be a bilateral movement like squats or deadlifts while the next two will be unilateral such as single leg press and step ups.  The rest of the routine will consist of 2 upper body movement (1 push, 1 pull) and some core work.

On the bike is where my training will differ from that of an elite track sprinter.  Its January so I will be in the base phase of training which will mostly comprise of Sweet Spot work but I will sprinkle some sprint workouts in as well in order to work on the speed half of the power equation.

Since I will be working with heavy weights in the gym, its likely that my numbers on the bike will suffer.  Luckily its base training time so I don’t see that as being much of an issue.  But every fourth week, I will do a deload (recovery) week in the gym which will let my legs recover and give me a chance to test my maximum sprint power and track improvements.Grands Prix Cycliste

During these two months, I will provide regular updates on my training which will include my gym workouts, how much weight I am lifting, updates on weight and body fat, and descriptions of my on bike training.  This will allow you to follow along with my journey, provide encouragement, and possibly copy everything I am doing.  A hopeful side effect of this regular blogging will be a feeling of accountability and the possibility for you to shame or motivate me if I slip up.

At the end of the two months (end of February), I will redo all the baseline tests I did at the beginning: weight, body fat % and 5 and 10 second power.  Based on the results of those tests, I can than draw a conclusion about whether or not this type of training has been effective for me and would I recommend it for others.

This should be interested.  I am pretty excited to get started and am very curious to see what sort of results this training will produce.  Maybe I do have a future as a track sprinter. Maybe I’ll just get the kick I need to win the townline sprint or a crit this summer.  Or maybe I will just end up looking like a set of quads on a bike.  Stay tuned to find out what happens when I train like a track sprinter.