What Happens When I Train Like a Track Sprinter Week 2 and 3

Week 2 and 3 Update for Training Like a Track Sprinter

I know I promised to do weekly updates for my training like a track sprinter experiment, but I got lazy and thought week 2 wasn’t worth an update on.  I felt like nothing much happened.  No changes in weight.  And I fell short of my 10 hour goal for the week.  But I guess I did a couple things worth note.

First, I took a trip down to Milton to spend an evening riding around in circles on the track.  It was a good time as always, lots of hard efforts as part of a Points and Scratch Race training sessions.  While working on force in the gym, it was a great chance to work on leg speed on the bike.  Unfortunately it was a lot of leg speed work since the gear on the rental bike I was using was much too small.  I had a hard time keeping up on a number of drills because I just spun out.track sprinter

Second, in an attempt to make up some hours I decided to ride a century on Zwift.  My sessions during the week had been shorter and featured more Sweet Spot base so a good 3 and a half hours on the trainer made up a lot of my weekly total.  Not really the most enjoyable thing, sitting on the trainer that long not going any where, but definitely effective.  The mental struggle is probably the hardest part.

Now onto week 3.  Things in the gym are progressing well, all my lifts are coming along and my legs are feeling and looking good.  Feels good squatting body weight for reps.  Also weight came down again as I weighed in at 88.4 kg on Sunday (down from 88.9), a nice half kilo in a week.

Heading back to work this week meant an end to my training camp in Watopia and on Zwift and a return to Sweet Spot Base on TrainerRoad.  Less time available to train means I need to be more efficient with my training and TrainerRoad’s Sweet Spot Base training programs are perfect for that.  I used it (sparingly) last season to good effect.

We also had some warm(ish) weather this week which I had a chance to take advantage of on Sunday and knock out some base miles outside, on the road.  It felt great to get outside even if it was a little cool, wet and dirty.  The bike needed a good cleaning after over 2 and a half hours on Ridge Road down to the bay but it felt good.  Served as a good indication of current fitness as well.

Training is going well so far and I am putting in the work that I need to have a great 2017 season.  Motivation is high right now which is good but what happens if motivation for riding inside dips before Spring arrives?  Will the fitness gained now carry through till spring?  I’m just hoping motivation stays high or dedication to this story/experiment is enough to keep me going.

If I do slip up, maybe you guys can give me a kick in the ass to get starting.