A Funeral of Sorts

This week I got the unpleasant news that it maybe time to retire my trusty Rocky Mountain Turbo.  The reason: a bent derailleur hanger.

A small problem but when you consider the characteristics of aluminum one that is not easy.  Aluminum is not a fan of being bent so bending the hanger back could result in one of two things:

  1. It could just spring back to the position it was in before since aluminum has a habit of doing that
  2. Or it could stay be the structural integrity of the hanger/dropout would be compromised

Due to those two facts, if I want a bike that shifts smoothly and runs quietly it is time to get a new one.

My plan for this post was to fill it with tearful memories of all the good times I had with the Turbo, but I have only had it for less than a year since upgrading from an old steel Peugeot.  So there aren’t very many memories.

There was the first ride outside I did on it last spring in which I set my PR on a local climb in Hamilton.  I knocked 22 seconds off my previous PR from the fall and, no matter how I tried, could not touch the new one for the rest of the summer.  I felt like those guys on TV riding their super light bikes at warp speed up some mountain in France cause now I had a light bike and could fly up mountains.

Light and mountains are both relative terms.

The Turbo was also my stead on what I consider to be my best day of riding.  An 81km trip from Ancaster to Paris and back with some good friends.  It still stands as my longest ride but apart from that it was a good time with good friends.  Nothing is better than going for a nice ride with a bunch of buds.

With all the tears out of the way, it comes to justifying the expense of buying a new bike.

This is an important purchase because this will be the bike that I pilot through my first season of racing.  So it is key that I look like I am fast and know what I am doing.  Ya, those are the important things to consider when buying a bike.  I should write a buyers guide.

I work at a bike shop and I have my heart set on a 2013 Scott Foil 20 which I could get at a killer deal.  But as a student who works only part time who is married to a student who works only part time, it is still a lot of money.

Well, its a lot of money when you are speaking in general terms but when you are talking about bikes it is not.  Its a killer deal.  One not to be passed up.

But until that is sorted out, I will keep plugging along at training on the noisy, not shifting well Rocky Mountain.