Dressing For Winter Riding

dressing for winter riding

6 Tips for Dressing for Winter Riding

With it being mid-December, most of Canada is deep in the clutches of Old Man Winter.  Unlike me, who hides indoors, some people are brave and choose to ride outside all year round.  Brave, or stupid.  So for those couple brave souls, here are my 6 tips for dressing for winter riding.

  1. A little chill is fine: A little chill is fine, that is, you should feel a little cold when you step out the door.  Once you get going, you will warm up.  Better to start off a little cold than to be overheating after a couple of minutes.  Which brings us to the next tip.
  2. Layer Up: When trying to stay warm, multiple layers is the way to go.  Not only do the arm pockets formed between layers keep you warm but if you get to warm, you can always take a layer off.  Better too be too warm, than to have not brought something to put on if you are cold.
  3. Protect those extremities: It is important to keep those fingers and toes warm.  Unlike your legs and core, your hands and feet wont warm up as you.  Make sure you wear warm gloves, socks and shoe covers.
  4. Thicker layers outside shoes: Nice thick socks are great but not in cycling shoes.  If your shoes fit properly, you wont have room for thick socks and a cramped shoe isn’t comfortable and cuts of circulation, not allowing warm blood to reach your toes.  Instead of thick socks, get a good pair of shoe covers, or two, to keep those toes warm.
  5. Block the wind: One of the worst parts of the Canadian winter is the wind.  Not only does it make riding harder but it can slice through many layers of clothes.  Make sure to include clothes that can block the wind when you are layering up.
  6. Be reflective: During the winter, it gets dark faster and is often quite overcast.  Since you may be doing most of your riding in low light, make sure you can be seen by motorists.  Reflective strips are always good but bright colors are even better.  Sure, black might be cool but fluorescent yellow might keep you alive.

There you have it, 6 tips for dressing for winter riding from a guy who rides his trainer all winter.  Hope this is helpful for you brave souls who ride in the snow or for those who are looking to give it a try.  If you have any tips for dressing for winter riding or riding during the winter in general, leave a comment as I would love to hear from you.

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