Dam Cross 2016

dam cross

Dam Cross Race Report

That’s a wrap on the Ontario cyclocross season.  Dam Cross was the final event of a big season for Ontario cyclocross.  Attendance records were broken and broken again as registration numbers soared.  The racing was also pretty good with new events and returning classics and courses offering up a variety of challenges.

Dam Cross was no exception.  It was a fun, fast course.  Not as challenging as some of the other courses this year but it still made for good racing with a nice flyover and a brutal beach run.  A bit of rain made for some slick off camber sections but for the most part the grass was pretty grippy.dam cross

Unfortunately it was not a great day for me.  With a smaller field I hoped it was my chance for a good result but I just didn’t have it in my legs.  My lap times were consistent, consistently bad.  Once again, I couldn’t make the passes through the technical sections and lost the wheels on the flat, fast pedaling sections.

I went down on the first lap.  My rear wheel slid out on a greasy off camber and my brake lever payed the price, for the second time this season.  Cyclocross is starting to get expensive and it wouldn’t be a race this season without at least one crash.dam cross

Other notes to round things off: That beach was rideable but all the runners hacked up the ruts.  And I need to work on hopping barriers because I always lost time being the only one dismounting at the logs.

Now that’s the race report out of the way, now we get to the self realization part of this post.dam cross

This season felt a lot different than last year.  Last year I took up cyclocross to keep myself riding through the fall and have a bit of fun.  And it was fun.  I didn’t expect anything from the races I did and I enjoyed battle with people at the back of the pack.

Now this season I did start placing expectations on my races.  I thought I had improved enough that I could get good results especially with how my road season ended.  I thought I was fit enough to compete and had the skills to back it up.  Unfortunately I was wrong.  I didn’t have the fitness and while my technical skills were better than those around me, they weren’t good enough.dam cross

With expectations come feelings of disappointment and failure when you don’t meet those expectations.  And that’s how I feel right now.  Very disappointed with how my races went this season.  Yes I had some bad luck but I am more disappointed that I am not at the level I thought I was.

Provincials give me one last opportunity to race the way I think I can.  Elite or Sportif, not sure yet, but I am going to try and set realistic goals and reign in expectations.

I have lots to work on for next season and I need to find the fun back in cyclocross and keep it as just that, fun.