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The Cyclocross Season is Officially Here

My cyclocross season officially kicked off this past Wednesday with the first race in Hardwood Hills Ski and Bike’s weekly cyclocross series.  The local edition of the ever popular Wednesday Night Worlds.  With blind ambition I dove in expecting many improvements over last year.

But I got a quick dose of reality.  Now that its a new season, its back to getting my ass kicked like I was at the start of the road season.  If I can have similar progression, than hopefully this cross season will end on a high note as well.

So this Wednesday I failed to finish the 4 lap race.  I blew up, my heart was going to pound out of my chest, my legs felt like crap and I didn’t want to drag myself around the course for one more miserable lap especially after most of the other riders had lapped me.  Its real discouraging to get passed by a rider starting his fourth lap just as you are starting your third, even if it is Gunnar Holmgren (Garneau-Easton).

My thought is that any number of three things happened:

  1. I went out too hard thinking I had gotten a lot stronger than I had, over did it, and paid the price
  2. I over did it with my warmup by riding 20km to the venue and doing 3 sighting laps so that I was tired by the time the race started
  3. I had lost a bunch of fitness by not riding my bike enough lately.

Unfortunately it was a rough start.  Fortunately I have a couple weeks until my first O-Cup of the season.  If it is anything like last year, I will see a steady progression from week to week.

Over 4 races at Hardwood last season, it went like this:

  • Week 1: lapped by basically everyone
  • Week 2: lapped by the top 3
  • Week 3: finished on the lead lap but 7 minutes behind
  • Week 4: finished 5 minutes behind
  • Week 5: forgot my helmet and didn’t race

So hopefully with a little work (need to improve core strength and low cadence, high power pedaling), a bit more confidence, and a better strategy I will see similar progress this year and hopefully some decent results in the O-Cups.