Sprinting in the New Year

As described in my previous blog post, I am going to be spending the next two months seeing what happens when I train like a track sprinter.  In order to be able to judge the success of this training, I needed to find out a couple baseline numbers to compare the final numbers against.

January 1st was picked as the day to take these baselines.  Since I am pretty lame and not much of a social individual, I stayed in with my wife for New Years, went to bed at my regular time (pre-midnight), and didn’t consume any alcohol which meant I was feeling good in the morning.Baselines

So first thing in the morning after climbing out of bed, I stepped on the scale.  I was measuring weight and body fat in order to track changes over the next two months.  With this style of training there is a strong possibility of significant weight loss, especially if I am good with my diet, but also a chance of some weight gain.  The possibility of weight gain due to increase in muscle mass is why I am tracking body fat cause than I can determine if any weight gain is fat or muscle.

So here are the numbers:

  • Weight: 89.1kg
  • Body Fat: 24.2%

What I got from those numbers is that I put on about 3kg during my off season.  Normal and expected when you are not training, but disappointing when your goal is continued weight loss.  I finished the season at around 86kg so I’m up from there but I am still below where I started last season and where I was for big races like the Grey County TT.  Which means its still trending down.  Hopefully I’ll be able to finally reach my 85kg goal during this training block.


Mirror selfie before picture.

The next set of numbers I needed were my sprint power.  So I jumped on the trainer, turned on Zwift, and knocked out 4 sprints in Watopia.  I set some PRs on the Sprint KOMs for good measure as well.  Its important to note that this was done on a trainer which I expect to produce lower values than outside on the road.

Here are the numbers:

  • Peak Power: 951 watts
  • 5 second: 794 watts (8.91 w/kg)
  • 10 second: 690 watts (77.4 w/kg)

Not all that impressive, I know.  I’ve never really trained my sprinting so I expect to see big improvements during this block of training.  As a comparison my PRs are 915 watts (10.36 w/kg) for 5 seconds and 886 watts (10.02 w/kg) for 10 seconds.


A before picture of my quads for comparison.

Now that the baselines have been set, its time to start the hard work of improving on those numbers.  I am off work for the next two weeks so I will be living the pro life and putting in a big block of training.  In the next post, I will go over my first week of training and lay out my gym program for you guys.