Base Training

base training

Base Training: Building a Foundation for Your Season

This week marked the start of my first period of base training for 2015 after wrapping up the prep period.  Base training is a time to work on the basics ahead of the racing season.  The primary focus of base training is on endurance and increasing your body’s resilience to large workloads.  Mostly done through long, steady paced rides.

Base training is the longest period of training in the season.  For me it will last 12 weeks, going through three periods of increased workload.  In each period of base training, the first three weeks will be high volume and low intensity with durations increasing each week.  The fourth week of each base training period is a recovery week which allows you to solidify your gains.

This week my aim is to get in 6 hours on the bike.  Not a lot, but a good start.  Weeks two and three will have goals of 7 and 8 hours respectively.  Finally, week four will have a reduced workload of 4 hours and provide time to test progress.

While on Christmas holidays, I have decided to escape the boredom of riding indoors and brave the cold weather.  Its been interesting so far, to say the least.  I’ve followed my own tips for staying warm but have not been able to prevent my toes from freezing after an hour and a half.


Since it is Tuesday only, I have gotten in two rides.  Been out in the cold for just over 3 hours and I’ve realized that even if you feel great on the trainer that does not necessarily translate into feeling great on the road.  By the end of an hour and a half, I am pedaling squares and just wanting to get home.

That means I have a lot of work to do.  Good thing base training is long.  I will have plenty of time to improve my endurance before moving onto higher intensity training.