2020 Goals

As promised in my 2019 review, it is time to look ahead at some plans and goals for my 2020 season.

In the name of self-care and avoiding placing undue pressure on myself, I am avoiding making race outcome goals and instead focusing on the process. No setting “win X race” as a goal since there are so many variables outside of my control that go into winning a race. But if I set some process related goals, I will put myself in the best position to achieve a result in a race without putting added pressure on myself.

Okay, maybe one result based goal. This season I want to get into the upgrade points. Luckily that could mean finishing anywhere between 5th and 20th, depending on the size of the field.

And move up to the Late Race at the Midweek Cycling Club Tuesday Night Criterium.

Now let’s get to process goals.

The first two goals are both targeted at being completed before the end of the base period. And amazingly I have already achieved both goals with 6 weeks of base training left to spare.

Putting in the work towards my 2020 goals with Zwift.

Goal #1: Squat body weight

I decided to add strength training to my off-season and base phase routine in an attempt to just become a better human which in turn would make me a better cyclist. The goal was to be able to squat my body weight (I put it at 195lbs) as a working weight, like 3 to 6 reps. Hit that goal early and continued pushing the weight up to 210lbs. Now with a couple weeks of base training still to go, I am planning on bringing my deadlift up as well.

Goal #2: 300 watts for 20 minutes

Average 300 watts for a 20 minute FTP test by the end of base phase. Pretty self explanatory. Knocked out a 301 watt average during my test earlier this week (which I live streamed) after just 6 weeks of training this season. Bumping my FTP up to 286 from 272 (which was last tested in September).

Digging deep towards my 2020 goals.

Goal #3: Bring weight down to 85kg

This has been a goal I have had for a long time and I have come a long way towards reaching it. Having started at 104kg back in university, I have comfortably floated around 90kg for the last couple of years with the occasional flirtation with reaching 85kg. But weather its been a lack of willpower leading to snack or unmaintainable dieting I have never gone below 86kg and would eventually rebound back up. So this is going to be the year. Started 2020 tipping 90kg on the scale and have already brought it down to 87.5kg. Halfway there and lots of riding left to do.

Goal #4: 300 watt FTP

Upping my watts per kilo. That’s basically the goal of this season. Getting my functional threshold power up to 300 seems like the next logical step after pumping it up to 286. And since 14 watt jumps are pretty rare, I’ve given myself the rest of the season to hit that goal.

My 2020 season goals are all about the process and putting in the work. If I do the work, and do it consistently, I will get closer to my goals. And if I get closer to my goals, which all relate to becoming a stronger cyclist (watts go up, weight comes down), I will be setting myself up for the types of results I have been beating myself up over the last couple years. All these goals are achievable this season and now it is up to me, and only me, to make that happen.